In the studio with short hair. Circa 2018

In the studio with short hair. Circa 2018

Beth Van De Water, a Colorado Native, spent a childhood immersed in the arts and culture of the desert Southwest and the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

In her twenties, Beth spent four years teaching math in the Four Corners Area to 27 powerful Navajo women seeking their Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. Here, her daughter was born.

She was a single mom, surrounded by the community of her students, their culture, and great craft in metal work. Several of Beth’s students were metal smiths from a long line of jewelers who made intricate story teller bracelets, turquoise incrusted cuffs and rings. Several of Beth’s pieces are directly influenced by these masters.

From the deep browns, pinks and sage greens of the Four Corners, Beth moved home to the green plains of Denver. From the flattop mesas to the ragged peaks of the Rockies, Beth brought the power and strength of women as group, a culture unto itself, into the formation of a Montessori preschool. For several years, Beth and her daughter, welcomed children into their home. One can clearly see this theme of community and motherhood expressed in her work.

Elephants, wise, intelligent, emotional tribal beings, lead by a matriarch embody the strengths Beth wishes to bring into her life.

The joy Beth receives by working with her hands, creating works of art, emanates through each piece.


The Process


After Beth found out she could draw in metal, through the process of etching, she was hooked. The etch is achieved by covering the metal in a resist, a tarry black substance, and then drawing with a metal scribe, much like drawing with a pencil. The lines that were drawn expose the metal. The piece is placed in a bath of acid. The acid eats away at the exposed lines creating a trough. Once this trough is at the depth she desires, the metal is neutralized, the remaining resist is washed away, and the shaping, metal smithing, and finish work begins.

Galleries and Stores:

  • DUE, Luca Bruno, Vail, CO

  • Claggett/Rey, Vail, CO

  • POP! Gallery, Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

  • Nod and Rose, Boulder, CO

  • Mystique Jewelers, Middleburg, VA

  • Grace Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

  • Gallery Van De Water, Salida, CO

Events and Shows:

  • DUE, Trunk Show, July 2019, Vail, CO

  • Flower Power, November 2018, Denver, CO

  • Open Studios, October 2018 Boulder, CO

  • POP! Gallery, 1620 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO. ON GOING

  • Claggett/Rey, July 3, 2018, Vail, CO

  • Whitter Garden Tour, June 2 Boulder, CO

  • Claggett/Rey, Six Artists, February, 2018, Vail, CO

  • Music, Tonics and Marvels, Four Artists, 2017, Boulder, CO

  • NR+bv2, A Collaborative Event for Women, 2017, Boulder, CO


  • FireFly Handmade, August 2019, Denver, CO

  • Beaver Creek Arts Festival, August 2019, BeaverCreek, CO

  • Pearl Street Arts Festival, July 2019, Boulder, CO

  • Beaver Creek Arts Festival, Summer 2017, Beavercreek, CO

  • Aspen Arts Fest, Summer 2017, Aspen, CO

  • Firefly Handmade, Boulder, CO Summer and Fall 2017

  • Firefly Handmade, Boulder, CO, Winter 2016 Featured Artist


  • Boulder Metal Smithing Association:

    • Structural Design by Lauren Markel, 2019

  • Piers Watson, Luted Crucible

  • Flatirons Press, Printmaking

  • Montessori Education Center of Arizona, Nimal Vaz

  • Occidental College, BA, Distinction for Public Mural