A brief Artist Statement:

In the studio with short hair. circa 2018

In the studio with short hair. circa 2018

Art is in my ancestry.  It is unavoidably a part of me.  We swim in art.  Galleries, exhibitions in local and distant museums, and the private studios of artists, operas, ballets, symphonies, plays all dictated my childhood vacations.  An art room was set up in the basement for my late night insomnia, yet I did not pursue the production of art as a serious endeavor until it took over on its own.  

A desire to learn how to glue, bend, cut, and finally draw in metal lead me to a jewelry bench in 2012.  A momentary lapse into reality forced me back into teaching, my profession for the last 30years.  However within a short measure of time, my basement became yet again a studio for late night insomnia, morning ritual and afternoon dances. With this, belle voir came to life, a line of jewelry dominated by etched and cutout pieces in fine silver, gold and precious stones.  

Belle voir, a beautiful view. 

Beth Van De Water