Stories make myths of our past and dreams of our futures.

In each piece of jewelry I make, a memory is shared.  Whether is it is the flight of a butterfly, the smile of my daughter's laughter, the power of mother nature's great beasts--horses and elephants, or my dream for peace, the etches made permanent in silver and worn by others whisper their stories and morph into new futures. 



  • Piers Watson, Luted Crucible, ancient lost wax
  • Shelly Bohin, Boulder School of Metals
  • Occidental College, BA, Distinction


  • Claggett/Rey, Vail, CO
  • Nod and Rose, Boulder, CO
  • Mystique Jewelers, Middleburg, VA
  • Grace Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
  • Gallery Van De Water, Salida, CO

Events and Shows:

  • Open Studios, (forthcoming, October 2018) Boulder, CO
  • Claggett/Rey, (forthcoming, July 3, 2018) Vail, CO
  • Whitter Garden Tour, (forthcoming, June 2) Boulder, CO
  • Claggett/Rey, Six Artists, February, 2018, Vail, CO
  • Music, Tonics and Marvels, Four Artists, 2017, Boulder, CO
  • NR+bv2, A Collaborative Event for Women, Boulder, CO


  • Beaver Creek, Summer 2017
  • Aspen, Summer 2017
  • Firefly, Boulder, CO Summer and Fall 2017
  • Firefly, Boulder, CO, Winter 2016 Featured Artisit





Beth Van De Water


Boulder, Colorado

+1 720 252 9553